Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Guild Project

Testing block placement
I've been working on the design of my guild's opportunity quilt for months now.  I "volunteered" my friendship group to make the quilt with the understanding that I would take on the bulk of the work. As you can see, it's basically a sampler with a focused center.  The collaged bear is based on a Laura Heine pattern.  I still have to cut out the bear and mount it on a final background...I have an idea of what to do there, but am still mulling it over.  Except for the bear and the corner Tree of Life blocks, block placement is still fluid.

Members of my friendship group made many of the pieced blocks and it is time for me to fill in the blank spaces, stitch the sections together, decide on sashing (at this point, I'm planning to use that medium blue fabric that's just hanging there for the sashing), and get it to the longarm quilter so that it can be finished and we can start selling tickets.

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