Wednesday, August 24, 2016

What's Important?

Last week, residents of my community were expecting to be evacuated due to a wildfire burning nearby.  I had had a couple of hours prior to receiving the order to pack up my car.  My husband was "down below" at work and called to find out what I was doing to prepare and asked me to get a few of his things since he wouldn't be allowed home.  I got his stuff together (not enough clothes as it turned out) and I continued with getting my things as well as making sure that I would be able to get the cat into his carrier at the appropriate time which was actually more challenging than I expected.

In the end I had two laundry baskets of clothes, our fireproof lock box, a few choice electronics, the cat carrier and some supplies for him, some special cross stitch projects, and, of course, my quilts...there were a lot of them. Here's what the car looked like after only the laundry baskets and cat stuff was removed.

As you can see, my quilts are important to me. In previous evacuations, I've also packed sewing machines and thread collections, but this time it was just the quilts.

The evacuation held for four nights and we stayed with my cat-friendly sister-in-law and her family. It took Buster a couple of days to get comfortable, but once he did, he took advantage of the situation.

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