Sunday, December 30, 2012

More CutUps Blocks

I didn't get a shot of the block I completed for Laurie in October, but I have the last two.  Nancy asked for "cowboy" blocks in any size and Joanne wanted Amish style. I had a lot of ideas for Nancy's block and finally settled on a cowboy hat.  I found a sample somewhere and then came up with a pattern on my own.  I left a lot of space around it so that Nancy could trim it to a size that will fit in with the other blocks she received.  Nancy received all of her blocks at our December meeting and she has a challenge to get them together as the styles of each maker was very different from my cartoony hat to a sophisticated silhouette of a cowboy on his horse.

Next was Joanne's Amish style block.  I found this Twin Star block in my EQ5 program ( of these days I'll upgrade to the current version).  This was actually my second pattern and attempt.  I don't actually like traditional pieced blocks because they require precision: my first block was supposed to be 9-1/2" unfinished, but it was closer to 9".  I'm not sure if it came out that size because I miscalculated on the size of the pieces I cut or what, but my second attempt using the EQ5 measurements instead of my own calculations turned out much better.  I like the results and the pieces came together ok.  Joanne didn't make it to our December meeting so she'll get her block at our next meeting.