Monday, June 2, 2014

I bought a Juki longarm in October last year.  I'd been looking longingly at different models at shows but they were all so large and so expensive it was easy to talk myself out to the impulse to buy.  However, I went to the Pomona craft and sew festival at the LA County fairgrounds one Saturday and passed by the Moore's Sewing booth where they had two of the Juki's on a single frame (one with the computer module on it and one without).  I stopped to look and play and George Moore started talking to me and telling me the price and offering several incentives to purchase one of the floor models.  I have a Juki 2010Q and love the quality of the machine and the stitch even more.  When I found out that I it came standard with 5ft and 10ft options and that I could add a 2ft extension to make it 7ft or 12ft, it became a real possibility.  I left the booth with a written quote and called my husband to discuss.

I made the purchase and after waiting a little bit of time for the 2ft extension to arrive, the unit was delivered and setup in the 7ft width in my rather small (probably 10ft wide) former guest room now sewing aka "did a bomb go off in here" room.  Since then, I've been learning to use the machine and I've been surprised at how different it really is to use the longarm vs. a domestic machine.

Quilt on the frame is a mystery quilt I did with my guild: that's the only excuse I have for those colors and patterns. It was a good top to practice on.  If I hadn't used it for practice, it probably would have been stuck into a dark corner of a closet.

My working space is extremely limited and I have to laugh every time I try to get to my closet to access my stash on one end of the frame and the open shelving with boxes of my thread and various other supplies at the other end.  I also have to remind myself that I did this to myself.  So far I'm having fun, but my skill level on this is way behind where I am with my domestic machines.  I'm confident that I'll get there someday.